Kite Zone - Lahinch Kitesurfing School

Lahinch Kitesurfing School


Private lesson: 3 hrs - 120 €

Group lesson: 3 hrs - 100 € (per person)

Group lesson: full day - 150 € (per person)


Discovery Course 3 hrs

Intro to kitesurfing

Equipment carrying

Managing of practice area

Spot analysis

Wind directions

Safety systems

Wind window





Water relaunch

Body dragging (downwind)

Intermediate Course 3 - 6 hrs

Theory for water start

Advanced body dragging 

(crosswind and upwind)

Board recovery

Awareness of body 


Piloting one handed

Managing the kite's power


Water start in both


Independent Course

Right of ways rules


Riding in both direction

Riding upwind

Change of direction

Control the riding speed

First Jump

Frequently asked questions:

Are your instructors certified?

All of our instructors are certified by the International 

Kiteboarding Organisation (IKO) and are also certified in first aid.

What equipment do I need?

Students need to bring their own wetsuit (available to rent from

lahinch surfrentals on the prom during summer months) 

and warm clothing suitable for learning on the beach.


Also bring water, suncream and sunglasses if the sun is out!

What equipment do you provide?

We provide trainer kites, inflatable kites in all sizes from 2 to 12

meters, boards, helmets and impact vests. The equipment we use is

all new Naish kites, which are some of the safest and best kites to

learn and progress on. 

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